Feature Detection with Automatic Scale Selection

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Feature Detection with Automatic Scale Selection
The fact that objects in the world appear in different ways depending on the scale of observation has important implications if one aims at describing them. It shows that the notion of scale is of utmost importance when processing unknown measurement data by automatic methods. In their seminal works, Witkin (1983) and Koenderink (1984) proposed to approach this problem by representing image structures at different scales in a so-called scale-space representation. Traditional scale-space theory building on this work, however, does not address the problem of how to select local appropriate scales for further analysis. This article proposes a systematic methodology for dealing with this problem. A framework is proposed for generating hypotheses about interesting scale levels in image data, based on a general principle stating that local extrema over scales of different combinations of γ-normalized derivatives are likely candidates to correspond to interesting structures. Specificall...
Tony Lindeberg
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Year 1998
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