FIE: future internet enervation

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FIE: future internet enervation
I'm so Bored of the Future Internet (FI). There are so many initiatives to look at the Internet's Future1 , anyone would think that there was some tremendous threat like global warming, about to bring about its immediate demise, and that this would bring civilisation crashing down around our ears. The Internet has a great future behind it, of course. However, my thesis is that the Future Internet is about as relevant as Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), in the way it is being used to support various inappropriate activities. Remember that the start of all this was not the exhaustion of IPv4 address space, or the incredibly slow convergence time of BGP routes, or the problem of scaling router memory for FIBs. It was the US research community reacting to a minor (as in parochial) temporary problem of funding in Communications due to slow down within NSF and differing agendas within DARPA. It is not necessary to invoke all the hype and hysteria it is both necessary and suffic...
Jon Crowcroft
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