Fifth Workshop on Software Quality

11 years 5 months ago
Fifth Workshop on Software Quality
Cost, schedule and quality are highly correlated factors in software development. They basically form three sides of the same triangle. Beyond a certain point (the “Quality is Free” point), it is difficult to increase the quality without increasing either cost or schedule or both for the software under development. As products and applications mature, users expect higher quality products. They want IT organizations to be responsible and accountable for the quality claims made by the product marketing teams. In the last couple decades, much software engineering research has focussed on standards, methodologies and techniques for improving software quality, measuring software quality and software quality assurance. Most of this research is focused on the internal/development view of quality. More recent studies done in conjunction with the marketing groups have made attempts to understand the customer view of quality. All of these different ongoing activities to understand quality f...
Barry W. Boehm, Sunita Chulani, June M. Verner, Be
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICSE
Authors Barry W. Boehm, Sunita Chulani, June M. Verner, Bernard Wong
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