Fifty Years of AI: From Symbols to Embodiment - and Back

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Fifty Years of AI: From Symbols to Embodiment - and Back
There are many stories to tell about the first fifty years of AI. One story is about AI as one of the big forces of innovation in information technology. It is now forgotten that initially computers were just viewed as calculating machines. AI has moved that boundary, by projecting visions on what might be possible, and by building technologies to realise them. Another story is about the applications of AI. Knowledge systems were still a rarity in the late seventies but are now everywhere, delivered through the web. Knowledge systems routinely deal with financial and legal problem solving, diagnosis and maintenance of power plants and transportation networks, symbolic mathematics, scheduling, etc. The innovative aspects of search engines like Google are almost entirely based on the information extraction, data mining, semantic networks and machine learning techniques pioneered in AI. Popular games like SimCity are straightforward applications of multi-agent systems. Sophisticated langu...
Luc Steels
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