Filtering with Gray-Code Kernels

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Filtering with Gray-Code Kernels
In this paper we introduce a family of filter kernels the Gray-Code Kernels (GCK) and demonstrate their use in image analysis. Filtering an image with a sequence of Gray-Code Kernels is highly efficient and requires only 2 operations per pixel for each filter kernel, independent of the size or dimension of the kernel. We show that the family of kernels is large and includes the Walsh-Hadamard kernels amongst others. The GCK can also be used to approximate arbitrary kernels since a sequence of GCK can form a complete representation. The efficiency of computation using a sequence of GCK filters can be exploited for various real-time applications, such as, pattern detection, feature extraction, texture analysis, and more.
Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yacov Hel-Or
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Updated 08 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ICPR
Authors Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yacov Hel-Or
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