Finding bugs efficiently with a SAT solver

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Finding bugs efficiently with a SAT solver
We present an approach for checking code against rich specifications, based on existing work that consists of encoding the program in a relational logic and using a constraint solver to find specification violations. We improve the efficiency of this approach with a new encoding of the program that effectively slices it at the logical level with respect to the specification. We also present new encodings for integer values and arrays, enabling the verification of realistic fragments of code that manipulate both. Our technique can handle integers of much larger ranges than previously possible, and permits large sparse arrays to be handled efficiently. We present a soundness proof for our slicing algorithm and a general condition under which relational formulae may be sliced. We implemented our technique and evaluated it by checking data structure invariants of several classes taken from the Java Collections Framework. We also checked for violations of Java's equality contract in a...
Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip
Added 20 Nov 2009
Updated 20 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip
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