Finding Sequential Patterns from Large Sequence Data

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Finding Sequential Patterns from Large Sequence Data
Data mining is the task of discovering interesting patterns from large amounts of data. There are many data mining tasks, such as classification, clustering, association rule mining, and sequential pattern mining. Sequential pattern mining finds sets of data items that occur together frequently in some sequences. Sequential pattern mining, which extracts frequent subsequences from a sequence database, has attracted a great deal of interest during the recent data mining research because it is the basis of many applications, such as: web user analysis, stock trend prediction, DNA sequence analysis, finding language or linguistic patterns from natural language texts, and using the history of symptoms to predict certain kind of disease. The diversity of the applications may not be possible to apply a single sequential pattern model to all these problems. Each application may require a unique model and solution. A number of research projects were established in recent years to develop mean...
Mahdi Esmaeili, Fazekas Gabor
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Updated 09 Dec 2010
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Year 2010
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Authors Mahdi Esmaeili, Fazekas Gabor
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