Fingerprint Pre-Classification Using Ridge Density

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Fingerprint Pre-Classification Using Ridge Density
Fingerprint ridge frequency is a global feature, which is most prominently different in fingerprints of men and woman, and it also changes within the maturing period of a person. This paper proposes the method of fingerprint pre-classification, based on the ridge frequency replacement by the density of edge points of the ridge boundary. This method is to be used after applying the common steps in most fingerprint matching algorithms, namely the fingerprint image filtering, binarization and marking of good/bad image areas. The experimental performance evaluation of fingerprint pre-classification is presented. We have found that fingerprint pre-classification using the fingerprint ridge edges density is possible, and it enables to preliminary reject part of the fingerprints without heavy loss of the recognition quality. The paper presents the evaluation of two sources of fingerprint ridge edges density variability: a) different finger pressure during the fingerprint scanning, b) differen...
Algimantas Malickas, Rimantas Vitkus
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Updated 18 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2000
Authors Algimantas Malickas, Rimantas Vitkus
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