The finite model theory toolbox of a database theoretician

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The finite model theory toolbox of a database theoretician
For many years, finite model theory was viewed as the backbone of database theory, and database theory in turn supplied finite model theory with key motivations and problems. By now, finite model theory has built a large arsenal of tools that can easily be used by database theoreticians without going to the basics such as combinatorial games. We survey such tools here, focusing not on how they are proved, but rather on how to apply them, as-is, in various questions that come up in database theory. Categories and Subject Descriptors. F.4.1 [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]: Mathematical Logic; F.4.3 [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]: Formal Languages; H.2.4 [Database Management]: Systems--Relational databases General Terms. Theory, Languages, Algorithms Keywords. finite models, expressive power, complexity, games, order, types, logics, query languages
Leonid Libkin
Added 25 Nov 2009
Updated 25 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where PODS
Authors Leonid Libkin
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