A first glance at Kilo-instruction based multiprocessors

9 years 5 months ago
A first glance at Kilo-instruction based multiprocessors
The ever increasing gap between processor and memory speed, sometimes referred to as the Memory Wall problem [42], has a very negative impact on performance. This mismatch will be more severe in future processor’s generation. Modern cache organizations and prefetching techniques will not be able to solve this problem. A very novel and promising technique to deal with the Memory Wall consists on designing processors able to maintain thousands of in-flight instructions. An example of this kind of processors has been denoted as Kilo-instruction processors [8]. When running numerical applications, Kilo-instruction processors have demonstrated its ability to effectively maintain high values of IPC while increasing memory latencies. In this paper, we will study for the first time, the influence of Kilo-instruction processors on the performance of small-scale CC-NUMA multiprocessors. Our first results, using an ideal network, show the enormous potential of the Kilo-instruction process...
Marco Galluzzi, Valentin Puente, Adrián Cri
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CF
Authors Marco Galluzzi, Valentin Puente, Adrián Cristal, Ramón Beivide, José-Ángel Gregorio, Mateo Valero
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