A fisheye follow-up: further reflections on focus + context

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A fisheye follow-up: further reflections on focus + context
Information worlds continue to grow, posing daunting challenges for interfaces. This paper tries to increase our understanding of approaches to the problem, building on the Generalized Fisheye View framework. Three issues are discussed. First a number of existing techniques are unified by the commonality of what they show, certain fisheyerelated subsets, with the techniques differing only in how they show those subsets. Then the elevated importance of these subsets, and their generality, is used to discuss the possibility of non-visual fisheye-views, to attack problems not so amenable to visualization. Finally, several models are given for why these subsets might be important in user interactions, with the goal of better informing design rationales. Author Keywords Information Visualization, Focus+Context, Fisheye Views, DOI, Zoom, Bifocal lens, ZUI, View+Overview ACM Classification Keywords H. Information Systems H.5 Information Interfaces and
George W. Furnas
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CHI
Authors George W. Furnas
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