Flexible Two-Level Boolean Minimizer BOOM-II and Its Applications

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Flexible Two-Level Boolean Minimizer BOOM-II and Its Applications
We propose a novel two-level Boolean minimizer coming in succession to our previously developed minimizer BOOM, so we have named it BOOM-II. It is a combination of two minimizers, namely BOOM and FC-Min. Each of these two methods has its own area where it is most efficiently applicable. We have combined these two methods together to be able to solve all kinds of problems efficiently, independently on their size or nature. The tool is very scalable in terms of required runtime and/or quality of the solution. It is applicable to functions with an extremely large number of both input and output variables. The minimization process is very flexible and can be driven by miscellaneous user-defined constraints, such as low-power design, design-for-testability and decomposition constraints. Some of the application areas are described in the paper.
Petr Fiser, Hana Kubatova
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where DSD
Authors Petr Fiser, Hana Kubatova
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