Flow Control and Dynamic Load Balancing in Time Warp

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Flow Control and Dynamic Load Balancing in Time Warp
We present, in this paper, an algorithm which integrates flow control and dynamic load balancing in Time Warp. The algorithm is intended for use in a distributed memory environment such as a cluster of workstations connected by a high speed switch. Our flow control algorithm makes use of stochastic learning automata and is similar to the leakybucket flow control algorithm used in computer networks. It regulates the flow of messages between processors continuously throughout the course of the simulation, while the dynamic load balancingalgorithm is invoked only when a load imbalance is detected. We compare the performance of the flow control algorithm, the dynamic load balancing algorithm and the integrated algorithm with that of a simulation without these controls. We simulated large shuffle ring networks with and without hot spots and a PCS network on an SGI Origin 2000 system. Our results indicate that the flow control scheme alone succeeds in greatly reducing the number and ...
Myongsu Choe, Carl Tropper
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ANSS
Authors Myongsu Choe, Carl Tropper
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