Flow-driven Interactions for Adaptive Pervasive Applications

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Flow-driven Interactions for Adaptive Pervasive Applications
: The era of ubiquitous and pervasive computing technology opens the world for new pervasive applications and services within the physical surroundings. Often users find themselves dealing and interacting with multiple applications simultaneously to achieve certain goals to satisfy certain motive. Currently, pervasive computing applications are individually created and tailored with little or no consideration of the users’ overall goals and intentions. My research investigates the concept of flow-driven interactions as a prominent and innovative model for goal-driven activities carried out by users in the pervasive computing setup. Flow-driven interaction model is aimed at overcoming problems such as interaction consistency, losing orientation, context switching and interface adaptation, resulted from user interaction with multiple pervasive applications, devices and objects. 1 Problem Statement and Research Question My research is investigating the impact of the flow concept on huma...
Bashar Altakrouri
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Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Bashar Altakrouri
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