FMC-QE: A New Approach in Quantitative Modeling

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FMC-QE: A New Approach in Quantitative Modeling
Abstract—Service requests are the origin of every service provisioning process and therefore the entities to be considered first. Similar to Physics and Engineering Sciences, service requests as generic model variables are 2tuples of {value} and [unit]. Complex service requests build hierarchies with control structures for the server stations. pect to the abstractions of quantitative modeling, degrees of freedom within these control structures can be used to transform models into equivalent ones, which make it possible to simplify the evaluation process. Service request specific server stations can be mapped to common multiplexed server stations, thereby extending the application domain to multiclass problems. The modeling and evaluation calculus FMC-QE uses a 3-dimensional representation space, which makes it possible to integrate paradigms and results from Queueing Networks as well as those from Timed Petri Nets. Quantitative models are represented by one or more trees of parameter...
Werner Zorn
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Werner Zorn
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