Force Controllable Hydro-Elastic Actuator

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Force Controllable Hydro-Elastic Actuator
— We present a hydro-elastic actuator that has a linear spring intentionally placed in series between the hydraulic piston and actuator output. The spring strain is measured to get an accurate estimate of force. This measurement alone is used in PI feedback to control the force in the actuator. The spring allows for high force fidelity, good force control, minimum impedance, and large dynamic range. A third order linear actuator model is broken into two fundamental cases: fixed load – high force (forward transfer function), and free load – zero force (impedance). These two equations completely describe the linear characteristics of the actuator. This model is presented with dimensional analysis to allow for generalization. A prototype actuator that demonstrates force control and low impedance is also presented. Dynamic analysis of the prototype actuator correlates well with the linear mathematical model. This work done with hydraulics is an extension from previous work done wit...
David W. Robinson, Gill A. Pratt
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICRA
Authors David W. Robinson, Gill A. Pratt
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