Formal affordance-based models of computer virus reproduction

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Formal affordance-based models of computer virus reproduction
We present a novel classification of computer viruses using a formalised notion of reproductive models based on Gibson's theory of affordances. A computer virus reproduction model consists of: a labelled transition system to represent the states and actions involved in that virus's reproduction; a notion of entities that are active in the reproductive process, and are present in certain states; a sequence of actions corresponding to the means of reproduction of the virus; and a formalisation of the actions afforded by entities to other entities. Informally, an affordance is an action that one entity allows another to perform. For example, an operating system might afford a computer virus the ability to read data from the disk. We show how computer virus reproduction models can be classified according to whether or not any of their reproductive actions are afforded by other entities. We give examples of reproduction models for three different computer viruses, and show how re...
Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm
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Updated 16 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm
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