A Formal Ontology of Properties

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A Formal Ontology of Properties
A common problem of ontologies is that their taxonomic structure is often poor and confusing. This is typically exemplified by the unrestrained use of subsumption to accomplish a variety of tasks. In this paper we show how a formal ontology of unary properties can help using the subsumption relation in a disciplined way. This formal ontology is based on some metaproperties built around the fundamental philosophical notions of identity, unity, essence, and dependence. These meta-properties impose some constraints on the subsumption relation that clarify many misconceptions about taxonomies, facilitating their understanding, comparison and integration.
Nicola Guarino, Christopher A. Welty
Added 24 Aug 2010
Updated 24 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where EKAW
Authors Nicola Guarino, Christopher A. Welty
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