A Formal View of Social Dependence Networks

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A Formal View of Social Dependence Networks
In response to the problems that have arisen regarding the terminology and concepts of agent-oriented systems, previous work has described a formal framework for understanding agency and autonomy. In particular, this work made the claim that the framework could serve as a vehicle for the precise presentation and evaluation of models and theories of multi-agent systems. We support this claim by outlining the framework and re ning it through adding further levels of detail to formalise the concepts of external descriptions and social dependence networks. Social Dependence Networks are a valuable source of information about the relationships within a multi-agent world. They allow agents to reason about the resources and capabilities of others in order that they may enter into a negotiation to persuade these others to assist them in completing their tasks. By formalising social dependence networks within the framework we are able to identify de ciencies in the original characterisation of ...
Mark d'Inverno, Michael Luck
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Where DAI
Authors Mark d'Inverno, Michael Luck
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