Formalizing and achieving multiparty agreements via commitments

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Formalizing and achieving multiparty agreements via commitments
Multiparty agreements often arise in a multiagent system where autonomous agents interact with each other to achieve a global goal. Multiparty agreements are traditionally represented by messaging protocols or event-condition-action rule sets in which agents exchange messages in a predefined sequence to ensure both global and local consistency. However, these models do not readily incorporate agents’ autonomy and heterogeneity, which limits their ability to help build a flexible open system. Commitments have been studied for modelling various agent interactions. They have also been used as the key elements for formulating multiparty agreements and centralized approaches for resolving potential conflicts. This paper extends the above results by refining the formalizations and the existing protocols and proposing a decentralized protocol which is more efficient in resolving conflicts. It also introduces the concept of protocol safety, which ensures that agents not only interact e...
Feng Wan, Munindar P. Singh
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ATAL
Authors Feng Wan, Munindar P. Singh
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