Formulation of Hierarchical Task Network Service (De)composition

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Formulation of Hierarchical Task Network Service (De)composition
The Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planning method is conceived of as a useful method for Web service composition as well as classical task planning. However, there are no complete successes of service composition by HTN as yet. The reason is the Web service composition process involves the interactive dataflow between variables in preconditions and input/output parameters of services. Since values of variables in service IOPEs are required to compose services with the classical HTN method, we are compelled to perform services in the composition process. However, we cannot perform any world-altering Web service in practice in the composition process. In this paper, we address more radical approach of HTN planning method for Web service composition and decomposition with premising the openness and uncertainty of capture composite services, which include abstract meanings pect to the variables of Web services, as abstract programs to be tailored to individual users and instantiated to ...
Seiji Koide, Hideaki Takeda
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Seiji Koide, Hideaki Takeda
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