Forwarding in a content-based network

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Forwarding in a content-based network
This paper presents an algorithm for content-based forwarding, an essential function in content-based networking. Unlike in traditional address-based unicast or multicast networks, where messages are given explicit destination addresses, the movement of messages through a content-based network is driven by predicates applied to the content of the messages. Forwarding in such a network amounts to evaluating the predicates stored in a router’s forwarding table in order to decide to which neighbor routers the message should be sent. We are interested in finding a forwarding algorithm that can make this decision as quickly as possible in situations where there are numerous, complex predicates and high volumes of messages. We present such an algorithm and give the results of studies evaluating its performance. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.2 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network Protocols—Routing protocols; C.2.1 [ComputerCommunication Networks]: Network Architecture and...
Antonio Carzaniga, Alexander L. Wolf
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Antonio Carzaniga, Alexander L. Wolf
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