Foundations of Modal Deductive Databases

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Foundations of Modal Deductive Databases
We give formulations for modal deductive databases and present a modal query language called MDatalog. We define modal relational algebras and give the seminaive evaluation algorithm, the top-down evaluation algorithm, and the magic-set transformation for MDatalog queries. The results of this paper like soundness and completeness of the top-down evaluation algorithm or correctness of the magic-set transformation are proved for the multimodal logics of belief KDI4s5, KDI45, KD4s5s, KD45(m), KD4Ig5a, and the class of serial contextfree grammar logics. We also show that MDatalog has PTIME data complexity in the logics KDI4s5, KDI45, KD4s5s, and KD45(m).
Linh Anh Nguyen
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Updated 14 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Where FUIN
Authors Linh Anh Nguyen
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