A Four-step Camera Calibration Procedure with Implicit Image Correction

10 years 7 months ago
A Four-step Camera Calibration Procedure with Implicit Image Correction
In geometrical camera calibration the objective is to determine a set of camera parameters that describe the mapping between 3-D reference coordinates and 2-D image coordinates. Various methods for camera calibration can be found from the literature. However, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the whole calibration procedure, i.e., control point extraction from images, model fitting, image correction, and errors originating in these stages. The main interest has been in model fitting, although the other stages are also important. In this paper we present a four-step calibration procedure that is an extension to the two-step method. There is an additional step to compensate for distortion caused by circular features, and a step for correcting the distorted image coordinates. The image correction is performed with an empirical inverse model that accurately compensates for radial and tangential distortions. Finally, a linear method for solving the parameters of the inverse mo...
Janne Heikkilä, Olli Silvén
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where CVPR
Authors Janne Heikkilä, Olli Silvén
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