A Framework for Dependability Evaluation of Mechatronic Units

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A Framework for Dependability Evaluation of Mechatronic Units
: Mechatronic units are characterized by a complex interaction of functions from mechanics, electronics, communication and computer systems. These different fields of technology as well as influences from the operating environment must be reflected in the dependability consideration, for which so far no comprehensive framework exists. In this contribution, a framework for consideration of dependability of mechatronic units starting from a definition of the term "dependability of mechatronic units" is proposed. Special attention is put on to the influence factors including human-machine interfaces, and real-world constraints, which thoroughly have to be identified and considered. Following questions have to be regarded: What is understood by the term dependability of mechatronic units? Which influencing factors have to be considered? How the dependability is assessed? This contribution also wants to initiate a scientific discussion outside the fault tolerance community.
Hans-Dieter Kochs, Jörg Petersen
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ARCS
Authors Hans-Dieter Kochs, Jörg Petersen
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