A framework for mining interesting pattern sets

9 years 9 months ago
A framework for mining interesting pattern sets
This paper suggests a framework for mining subjectively interesting pattern sets that is based on two components: (1) the encoding of prior information in a model for the data miner's state of mind; (2) the search for a pattern set that is maximally informative while efficient to convey to the data miner. We illustrate the framework with an instantiation for tile patterns in binary databases where prior information on the row and column marginals is available. This approach implements step (1) above by constructing the MaxEnt model with respect to the prior information [2, 3], and step (2) by relying on concepts from information and coding theory. We provide a brief overview of a number of possible extensions and future research challenges, including a key challenge related to the design of empirical evaluations for subjective interestingness measures. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.2.8 [Database management]: Database applications-Data mining; I.5.1 [Pattern recognition]: M...
Tijl De Bie, Kleanthis-Nikolaos Kontonasios, Eirin
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Updated 21 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Tijl De Bie, Kleanthis-Nikolaos Kontonasios, Eirini Spyropoulou
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