A Framework for the Simulation Experimentation Process

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A Framework for the Simulation Experimentation Process
Modeling and simulation of very large systems introduces a number of issues that are not seen in the modeling of simpler systems. These arise because the resource requirements for simulation rise much faster than the number of components being modeled and quickly overtake the available hardware and calendar time allocated. This implacable constraint has been met in several ways, though each has issues. 11)) Decrease the number of objects by aggregating some.. Issues: Are the right objects being aggregated and how do we know? How do we mix objects of different aggregations? 2) Coarsen the temporal resolution for some portions of the model. Issues: Are the right portions coarsened? How do we mix the coarse with the fine? 3) Build several models, each addressing different facets. Issues: How do we combine these into a comprehensive model? How do we organize this so that for a particular enquiry, we can determine which of these facet models are applicable? This paper will discuss an appro...
Thomas C. Fall
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Year 1997
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