Framework for Visualizing Higher-Order Basis Functions

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Framework for Visualizing Higher-Order Basis Functions
Techniques in numerical simulation such as the finite element method depend on basis functions for approximating the geometry and variation of the solution over discrete regions of a domain. Existing visualization systems can visualize these basis functions if they are linear, or for a small set of simple non-linear bases. However, newer numerical approaches often use basis functions of elevated and mixed order or complex form; hence existing visualization systems cannot directly process them. In this paper we describe an approach that supports automatic, adaptive tessellation of general basis functions using a flexible and extensible software architecture in conjunction with an on demand, edge-based recursive subdivision algorithm. The framework supports the use of functions implemented in external simulation packages, eliminating the need to reimplement the bases within the visualization system. We demonstrate our method on several examples, and have implemented the framework in t...
William J. Schroeder, François Bertel, Math
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Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors William J. Schroeder, François Bertel, Mathieu Malaterre, David Thompson, Philippe P. Pébay, Robert M. O'Bara, Saurabh Tendulkar
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