Fullwave volumetric Maxwell solver using conduction modes

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Fullwave volumetric Maxwell solver using conduction modes
We present a gridless method for solving the interior problem for a set of conductors in an homogeneous dielectric, at sufficiently high frequencies, valid for conductor lengths that are not small compared to the minimum wavelength, and transverse dimensions that are large compared to the skin depth. For IC applications, we cover the regime 10 ¡ 100 GHz and the inclusion of all relevant wire dimensions. We decompose the Electromagnetic field in terms of the eigenfunctions of the Helmholtz equation for three dimensional current distributions inside the conductors. Using a relatively small number of modes per conductor we obtain results comparable to filament or mesh decompositions using a much larger dimensionality for the resulting linear problem. The method is an extension to the fullwave regime of a method introduced in [1].
Salvador Ortiz, Roberto Suaya
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Salvador Ortiz, Roberto Suaya
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