Functional Trees

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Functional Trees
In the context of classification problems, algorithms that generate multivariate trees are able to explore multiple representation languages by using decision tests based on a combination of attributes. In the regression setting, model trees algorithms explore multiple representation languages but using linear models at leaf nodes. In this work we study the effects of using combinations of attributes at decision nodes, leaf nodes, or both nodes and leaves in regression and classification tree learning. In order to study the use of functional nodes at different places and for different types of modeling, we introduce a simple unifying framework for multivariate tree learning. This framework combines a univariate decision tree with a linear function by means of constructive induction. Decision trees derived from the framework are able to use decision nodes with multivariate tests, and leaf nodes that make predictions using linear functions. Multivariate decision nodes are built when gr...
Joao Gama
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Year 2001
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