Further Analysis of XCP Equilibrium Performance

11 years 7 months ago
Further Analysis of XCP Equilibrium Performance
— Low analyzes the equilibrium performance of the recently developed eXplicit Control Protocol (XCP) by applying the derived window-based dynamical model. However, Low’s window-based dynamic model is too complicated to be used easily. In our previous works, a simple rate-based model is proposed for analyzing XCP’s equilibrium performance. Most results that appeared in Low’s paper can be easily reproduced by applying our simple dynamic model. Furthermore, we prove that the shuffling parameter γ is no more than the parameter α to achieve high link utilization. In this paper, we derive stringent lower and upper bounds of link utilization provided with the new constraint γ ≤ α. Furthermore, to study the equilibrium performance of networks with the compensation policy, we use the simplest topology of two links in chains. The sufficient conditions of the compensation policy are proposed, and the link utilization with the compensation policy is derived as a root of a cubic equ...
Peng Wang, David L. Mills
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Peng Wang, David L. Mills
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