FutureView: Enhancing Exploratory Image Search

2 years 11 months ago
FutureView: Enhancing Exploratory Image Search
Search algorithms in image retrieval tend to focus on giving the user more and more similar images based on queries that the user has to explicitly formulate. Implicitly, such systems limit the users exploration of the image space and thus remove the potential for serendipity. As a response, in recent years there has been an increased interest in developing content based image retrieval systems that allow the user to explore the image space without the need to type specific search queries. However, most of the research focuses on designing new algorithms and techniques, while little research has been done in designing interfaces allowing the user to actively engage in directing their image search. We present an interactive FutureView interface that can be easily combined with most existing exploratory image search engines. The interface gives the user a view of possible future search iterations. A task-based user study demonstrates that our interface enhances exploratory image search...
Sayantan Hore, Dorota Glowacka, Ilkka Kosunen, Kum
Added 17 Apr 2016
Updated 17 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Authors Sayantan Hore, Dorota Glowacka, Ilkka Kosunen, Kumaripaba Athukorala, Giulio Jacucci
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