Fuzzy color histogram and its use in color image retrieval

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Fuzzy color histogram and its use in color image retrieval
A conventional color histogram (CCH) considers neither the color similarity across different bins nor the color dissimilarity in the same bin. Therefore, it is sensitive to noisy interference such as illumination changes and quantization errors. Furthermore, CCHs large dimension or histogram bins requires large computation on histogram comparison. To address these concerns, this paper presents a new color histogram representation, called fuzzy color histogram (FCH), by considering the color similarity of each pixel's color associated to all the histogram bins through fuzzy-set membership function. A novel and fast approach for computing the membership values based on fuzzy -means algorithm is introduced. The proposed FCH is further exploited in the application of image indexing and retrieval. Experimental results clearly show that FCH yields better retrieval results than CCH. Such computing methodology is fairly desirable for image retrieval over large image databases.
Ju Han, Kai-Kuang Ma
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TIP
Authors Ju Han, Kai-Kuang Ma
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