A fuzzy model of reputation in multi-agent systems

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A fuzzy model of reputation in multi-agent systems
Agents are intended to interact in open systems where the knowledge about others (reputation) is incomplete and uncertain. Also, this knowledge about other agents is subjective since it involves how much the services provided by other agents suit the user’s expectations. So reputation is not considered a crisp value since the knowledge we have about other agents is incomplete, vague and uncertain. Our proposal adopts a distributed approach to reputation management where reputation is built through the own past experience and the references (or recommendations) received from other agents. The system presented in this paper is driven to personalization and efficiency. Personalization is achieved representing explicitly a fuzzy reputation of other agents. Therefore, the interaction among agents will be closer to human way of thinking. The system deals with changes in fuzzy reputation values and with the exchange of messages driven to a cooperation among agents. As a result of the fuzzy...
Javier Carbo Rubiera, José M. Molina L&oacu
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Javier Carbo Rubiera, José M. Molina López, Jorge Dávila Muro
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