Fuzzy Spatio-temporal Relations Analysis

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Fuzzy Spatio-temporal Relations Analysis
—There are different families of Spatio-temporal relations such as same-place same-time, same-place differenttimes, for road networks like overtake, derive beside and many others. These relations describe the relative positions of objects in a spatial scene. In existing techniques, these relations are defined qualitatively. Due to imprecise knowledge information and compensation power to small errors, fuzzy methods are becoming more important. In this paper, fuzzy spatio-temporal relations same-place differenttime and different-place different time are introduced. To define these relations, histograms of fuzzy Allen relations and fuzzy dissimilarity measure are used. Keywords-Spatio-temporal relations, Relative position, Fuzzy Allen relations, Quantitative spatial relations, Fuzzy dissimilarity measure
Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah
Added 10 Jul 2010
Updated 10 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where ITNG
Authors Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah
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