Galileo: a tool built from mass-market applications

9 years 10 months ago
Galileo: a tool built from mass-market applications
We present Galileo, an innovative engineering modeling and analysis tool built using an approach we call packageoriented programming (POP). Galileo represents an ongoing evaluation of the POP approach, where multiple large, architecturally coherent components are tightly integrated in an overall software system. Galileo utilizes Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Visio to provide a low cost, richly functional fault tree modeling superstructure. Based on the success of previous prototypes of the tool, we are now building a version for industrial use under an agreement with NASA Langley Research Center. Keywords package-oriented programming, COTS, large component integration 1 MOTIVATION: FROM-SCRATCH DEVELOPMENT IN SMALL MARKETS As the demand software continues to increase, it becomes apparent that line-by-line software development is too costly, resulting in software that, if produced at all, is lacking in the sophistication that users demand. This problem is most apparent in smal...
David Coppit, Kevin J. Sullivan
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICSE
Authors David Coppit, Kevin J. Sullivan
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