The Gaussian Multiple Access Wire-Tap Channel

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The Gaussian Multiple Access Wire-Tap Channel
We consider the General Gaussian Multiple Access Wire-Tap Channel (GGMAC-WT). In this scenario, multiple users communicate with an intended receiver in the presence of an intelligent and informed eavesdropper. We define two suitable secrecy measures, termed individual and collective, to reflect the confidence in the system for this multi-access environment. We determine achievable rates such that secrecy to some predetermined degree can be maintained, using Gaussian codebooks. We also find outer bounds for the case when the eavesdropper receives a degraded version of the intended receiver's signal. In the degraded case, Gaussian codewords are shown to achieve the sum capacity for collective constraints. In addition, a TDMA scheme is shown to also achieve sum capacity for both sets of constraints. Numerical results showing the new rate region are presented and compared with the capacity region of the Gaussian Multiple-Access Channel (GMAC) with no secrecy constraints. We then find ...
Ender Tekin, Aylin Yener
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Updated 11 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CORR
Authors Ender Tekin, Aylin Yener
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