Generalizations of small profinite structures

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Generalizations of small profinite structures
We generalize the model theory of small profinite structures developed by Newelski to the case of compact metric spaces considered together with compact groups of homeomorphisms and satisfying the existence of m-independent extensions (we call them compact e-structures). We analyze the relationships between smallness and different versions of the assumption of the existence of m-independent extensions and we obtain some topological consequences of these assumptions. Using them, we adopt Newelski's proofs of various results about small profinite structures to compact e-structures. In particular, we notice that a variant of the group configuration theorem holds in this context. A general construction of compact structures is described. Using it, a class of examples of compact e-structures which are not small is constructed. It is also noticed that in an m-stable compact e-structure every orbit is equidominant with a product of m-regular orbits.
Krzysztof Krupinski
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Krzysztof Krupinski
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