The Generalized Lasso With Non-Linear Observations

4 years 2 months ago
The Generalized Lasso With Non-Linear Observations
Abstract—We study the problem of signal estimation from nonlinear observations when the signal belongs to a low-dimensional set buried in a high-dimensional space. A rough heuristic often used in practice postulates that non-linear observations may be treated as noisy linear observations, and thus the signal may be estimated using the generalized Lasso. This is appealing because of the abundance of efficient, specialized solvers for this program. Just as noise may be diminished by projecting onto the lower dimensional space, the error from modeling non-linear observations with linear observations will be greatly reduced when using the signal structure in the reconstruction. We allow general signal structure, only assuming that the signal belongs to some set K ⊂ Rn . We consider the single-index model of non-linearity. Our theory allows the non-linearity to be discontinuous, not one-to-one and even unknown. We assume a random Gaussian model for the measurement matrix, but allow the...
Yaniv Plan, Roman Vershynin
Added 11 Apr 2016
Updated 11 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
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Authors Yaniv Plan, Roman Vershynin
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