Generating Coherent Argumentative Paragraphs

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Generating Coherent Argumentative Paragraphs
Q Should I take AI this semester? We address the problem of generating a coherent A If you want to take courses likeparagraph presenting arguments for a conclusion in a Natural Language Processing ortext generation system. Existing text planning techExpert Systems or Visionniques are not appropriate for this task for two main next semester, reasons: they do not explain how arguments can be it's very advisable you take AI linked together in a linear presentation order and they do because not explain how the rhetorical function of a proposition that's going to help you a lot So if you are interestedaffects its wording. in the whole field at all, I would advise you stronglyWe present a mechanism to generate argumentative to take AI now. paragraphs where argumentative relations constrain not only the rhetorical structure of the paragraph, but also Figure 1: An argumentative paragraphthe surface form of each proposition. In our approach, a text planner relies on a set of specific...
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