Generating Heuristics to Control Configuration Processes

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Generating Heuristics to Control Configuration Processes
Abstract. Configuration is the process of composing a system from a set of components such that the system fulfills a set of desired demands. The configuration process relies on a particular component model, which is a useful ion of the domain and the technical system to be composed. In this place we deal with configuration problems where the components involved are characterized by simplified functional dependencies, so-called resource-based descriptions. On the one hand, the resource-based component model provides for powerful and user-friendly mechanisms to formulate configuration tasks. On the other hand, the solution of resource-based configuration problems is NP-complete, which means that no efficient algorithms exist to solve a generic instance of that problem. In practice, given a concrete resource-based component model, the search for an optimum configuration can be realized efficiently by means of heuristics that have been developed by domain experts. The paper in hand picks ...
Benno Stein
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Year 1998
Authors Benno Stein
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