Generative Models for Labeling Multi-object Configurations in Images

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Generative Models for Labeling Multi-object Configurations in Images
Abstract. We propose a generative approach to the problem of labeling images containing configurations of objects from multiple classes. The main building blocks are dense statistical models for individual objects. The models assume conditional independence of binary oriented edge variables conditional on a hidden instantiation parameter, which also determines an object support. These models are then be composed to form models for object configurations with various interactions including occlusion. Choosing the optimal configuration is entirely likelihood based and no decision boundaries need to be pre-learned. Training involves estimation of model parameters for each class separately. Both training and classification involve estimation of hidden pose variables which can be computationally intensive. We describe two levels of approximation which facilitate these computations: the Patchwork of Parts (POP) model and the coarse part based models (CPM). A concrete implementation of the app...
Yali Amit, Alain Trouvé
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CLOR
Authors Yali Amit, Alain Trouvé
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