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On The Generative Power Of Two-Level Morphological Rules

11 years 2 months ago
On The Generative Power Of Two-Level Morphological Rules
Koskenniemi's model of two-level morphology has been very influential in recent years, but definitions of the formalism have generally been phrased in terms of a compilation (sometimes left unspecified) into a form of finite-state transducers, or else have consisted of an informal outline of the intended interpretation of the rule-formalism itself. Analyses of the properties of the formalism have generally focussed on the transducer mechanism. It is, however, possible to give a fully formal definition of the original rule notation directly, in a way which reflects Koskenniemi's original informal characterisation and which does not depend directly on the notion of a transducer (although it must retain the essential nature of parts of the notation as being regular expressions). This re-formulation allows a proof that the ability of this formalism to charaeterise mappings between strings is more limited than that of arbitrary transducers. BACKGROUND Koskenniemi(1983a,b;1984) pr...
Graeme D. Ritchie
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Type Conference
Year 1989
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Authors Graeme D. Ritchie
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