Generic Graphical User Interfaces

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Generic Graphical User Interfaces
It is important to be able to program GUI applications in a fast and easy manner. Current GUI tools for creating visually attractive applications offer limited functionality. In this paper we introduce a new, easy to use method to program GUI applications in a pure functional language such as Clean or Generic Haskell. The method we use is a refined version of the model-view paradigm. The basic component in our approach is the Graphical Editor Component (GECτ ) that can contain any value of any flat data type τ and that can be freely used to display and edit its value. GECτ s can depend on others, but also on themselves. They can even be mutually dependent. With these components we can construct a flexible, reusable and customizable editor. For the realization of the components we had to invent a new generic implementation technique for interactive applications.
Peter Achten, Marko C. J. D. van Eekelen, Rinus Pl
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where IFL
Authors Peter Achten, Marko C. J. D. van Eekelen, Rinus Plasmeijer
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