Generic role assignment for wireless sensor networks

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Generic role assignment for wireless sensor networks
Wireless ad hoc networks of sensor nodes are envisioned to be deployed in the physical environment to monitor a wide variety of real-world phenomena. Almost any sensor network application requires some form of selfconfiguration, where sensor nodes take on specific functions or roles in the network without manual intervention. These roles may be based on varying sensor node properties (e.g., available sensors, location, network neighbors) and may be used to support applications requiring heterogeneous node functionality (e.g., clustering, data aggregation). In this paper we argue that the assignment of user-defined roles is a fundamental part of a wide range of sensor network applications. Consequently, a framework for assignment of roles to sensor nodes in an application-specific manner could significantly ease sensor network programming. We outline the general structure of such a framework and present a first approach to its realization. We demonstrate its utility and feasibilit...
Kay Römer, Christian Frank, Pedro José
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Kay Römer, Christian Frank, Pedro José Marrón, Christian Becker
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