Geographic Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries

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Geographic Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries
In this demonstration we will examine the effectiveness of Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) methods in digital library interfaces. We will show how various types of information may benefit from explicit geographic search, and where text-based place name search may be sufficient. We will also show how implicit geographic search (or geographic browsing) can be used to dynamically generate geographic searches in geographic interfaces like Google Earth. In this demostration we will show the algorithms used for Geographic search and how these may be combined with text search. In addition we will show results from the GeoCLEF IR evaluation for text-based search. 1 Geographic Information Retrieval The goal of Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) is to retrieve relevant information resources in response to queries with geographic constraints. GIR implies that the indexing and retrieval of objects in a digital library collection takes into account some form of georeferencing[2], and m...
Ray R. Larson
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Year 2009
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