Geometric Texture Synthesis by Example

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Geometric Texture Synthesis by Example
Patterns on real-world objects are often due to variations in geometry across the surface. Height fields and other common parametric methods cannot synthesize many forms of geometric surface texture such as thorns, scales, and bark. We present an example-based technique for synthesizing a variety of geometric textures on a model's surface. The applied textures can be from models specifically created for this purpose, or may be drawn from user-specified regions of an example model. We extend existing neighborhood-based texture synthesis algorithms to operate on volumetric models. Similar to image analogies [11], given a training pair of unfiltered and filtered source models and an unfiltered destination model (all volumetric grids), we synthesize a filtered fourth model that exhibits the desired geometric texture. The user defines vector fields to specify the direction of texture anisotropy on the source and destination models. The vector field defines a coordinate frame on the de...
Pravin Bhat, Stephen Ingram, Greg Turk
Added 30 Sep 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where SGP
Authors Pravin Bhat, Stephen Ingram, Greg Turk
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