Geometry-Aware Framebuffer Level of Detail

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Geometry-Aware Framebuffer Level of Detail
This paper introduces a framebuffer level of detail algorithm for controlling the pixel workload in an interactive rendering application. Our basic strategy is to evaluate the shading in a low resolution buffer and, in a second rendering pass, resample this buffer at the desired screen resolution. The size of the lower resolution buffer provides a trade-off between rendering time and the level of detail in the final shading. In order to reduce approximation error we use a feature-preserving reconstruction technique that more faithfully approximates the shading near depth and normal discontinuities. We also demonstrate how intermediate components of the shading can be selectively resized to provide finer-grained control over resource allocation. Finally, we introduce a simple control mechanism that continuously adjusts the amount of resizing necessary to maintain a target framerate. These techniques do not require any preprocessing, are straightforward to implement on modern GPUs, and ...
Lei Yang, Pedro V. Sander, Jason Lawrence
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CGF
Authors Lei Yang, Pedro V. Sander, Jason Lawrence
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