Getting Serious about the Development of Computational Humor

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Getting Serious about the Development of Computational Humor
Society needs humor, not just for entertainment. In the Web age, presentations become more and more flexible and personalized and they will require hu­ mor contributions for electronic commerce devel­ opments (e.g. product promotion, getting selective attention, help in memorizing names, etc...) more or less as it happened in the world of broadcasted advertisement. Even if deep modeling of humor in all of its facets is not something for the near future, there is something concrete that has been achieved and that can help in providing attention to the field. The paper refers to the results of HAHACRONYM, a project devoted to humorous acronym production, a circumscribed task that nonetheless requires vari­ ous generic components. The project opens the way to developments for creative language, with appli­ cations in the world of advertisement.
Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava
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