gLite Job Provenance - a job-centric view

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gLite Job Provenance - a job-centric view
ct Job Provenance (JP) is a Grid service that keeps long-term trace on completed computations for further reference. It is a job-centric service, keeping records about job life cycle, its environment, inputs/outputs, user parameters etc. The data collected from the Grid middleware where the job has run can be complemented with user annotations that add a personalized view. JP is a part of the gLite Grid middleware developed within the EU EGEE project by CESNET based development group. This technical report sumarizes participation of CESNET team in the first provenance challenge, event organized by data provenance community. During this challenge we explored the relation between a specific job-centric Grid oriented provenance and a more general data provenance approach. We show how JP can store data about complex workflows and how these data can be used to answer user queries. As the implementation of the challenge workflow is realized in a real production level Grid system (gLite based...
Ales Krenek, Jirí Sitera, Ludek Matyska, Fr
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Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Ales Krenek, Jirí Sitera, Ludek Matyska, Frantisek Dvorák, Milos Mulac, Miroslav Ruda, Zdenek Salvet
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